Welcome to The Record

The Record is a community-sourced and -curated video wiki organized around historical events. Leveraging the power of YouTube, it empowers everyone to share and organize their personal accounts of events both past and present, fundamentally democratizing the voice of history. By anchoring these accounts around specific questions submitted by members of the community, the site allows for a browse experience that is focused and purposeful. Finally, as a living and growing corpus, it will serve as an invaluable repository for future generations interested in learning about world events through the eyes of those who lived them.

Throughout the site, visitors are engaged by compelling video content structured by events and clear appeals to get involved and contribute. This prototype demonstrates what the site experience would be like from the perspective of the two primary user types:

Scenario 1: Viewer - Focused on browsing and viewing videos.
Scenario 2: Contributor - Enjoys editing and adding content.

How The Demo Works

Side Panel Navigation

Each of the two user scenarios starts with an overlay panel that describes the user type and introduces the scenario. Explore each scenario by clicking on the left and right arrows in the upper left of the Navigation Panel. The side panel also features a description of the current page. Further down are links to all the pages of the current scenario, as well as a tab to access the second scenario.


Captions appear throughout prototype to call out and describe specific features of the site. They also highlight interactive elements, such as an animating video player and ways to navigate to the next page. Users can turn the captions on and off using the toggle at the top of the Navigation Panel.